What is Projeto 19?

P19 combines ocean literacy, science education and science communication by inviting high school students to convert ocean research papers into outreach activities and artistic performances.

Students decide what is relevant on each paper and what are the best means to convey the key messages to their generation.

In the first edition of P19, the formats varied from tv news reports, social media campaigns, videos, stock motion animations, field trips, stakeholders’ meetings, theatre plays, songs, dance, street art, among others.

Why "Projeto 19"?

While conceiving this project, we returned to the Lusiads, the Portuguese epic poem written by Luís Vaz de Camões in 1572. We noticed that verse 19 in Canto I somehow relates with exploring the ocean, learning more about the sea to break old myths, and telling others about it. As we envisioned this new project, above all, as a way to fight misinformation and fake news, we thought: Why not calling it "Projeto 19"?

Já no largo Oceano navegavam,

As inquietas ondas apartando;

Os ventos brandamente respiravam,

Das naus as velas côncavas inchando;

Da branca escuma os mares se mostravam

Cobertos, onde as proas vão cortando

As marítimas águas consagradas,

Que do gado de Próteo são cortadas

Already in the wide ocean they were sailing,

The restless waves parting;

The winds softly breathed,

The concave sails of the ships were swelling;

The white scum of the sea showed

Where the prows, cutting through the sea, were covered

The maritime waters consecrated,

That from the cattle of Protheus are cut off

What are the goals of Projeto 19?

P19 aims to promote the search and use of reliable up-to-date scientific information by teenagers to increase their knowledge on the ocean and its role on the planet dynamics and life.

A small contribute to the construction of a society that better understands the impact the sea has on humankind and vice-versa, P19 therefore also aims to eradicate negationism and misinformation, empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

Which schools are involved?

On its inaugural edition, in 2021/22, P19 involved 13 high schools located along the coast of Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira archipelagos. Each school received a different research paper.

Which ocean themes are covered?

Climate change, ocean acidification, coastal circulation, coastal habitats, coastal hazards, coastal zone management, fisheries, marine biology, marine litter, marine plastic, marine pollution, marine protected areas, maritime transport

Projeto 19 Final Event

1 April 2022

To (re)watch the approach followed by each school and their brilliant results, please click here.


Will there be another edition?

We plan to run the next edition of P19 with schools from landlocked districts in Portugal or from other Atlantic countries, on both sides of the Equator.

Would you like to have your school involved?
email the Maçarico team for further details.

Who organised Projeto 19?

P19 was idealised and coordinated by the +ATLANTIC CoLAB in partnership with the Portuguese Blue School (Escola Azul).


Tiago Garcia

Luísa Barros

Inês de Sousa Magusteiro

Caroline Schio

Sofia Aguiar


Raquel Costa

Patrícia Conceição

Fernanda Silva

Bernardo Mata

Sandra Brito

Hugo Ferreira